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Today, it is the norm to have your life being blogged and shared all over the world. It can even be a source of income to some. Thus, if you are planning to make a professional or personal video blog, the Vtube template has the right web design for you!

Grab the chance and download it as it is a FREE XML blogger template and has an outstanding layout.

What is the Navigation Layout of Vtube template?

When we make blogs, we have to put emphasis on the navigation layout that you will use for your website. You can confidently use Vtube XML blogger template for your website as it has the following features:

  • 3 Columns
  • Navigation Menu Bar

  • Ample Space Ad

  • Top Weekly Support

  • Responsive Web Design

The 3 column grid of the website helps your target audience clearly see the thumbnail of your videos. They can also refer to what video they should watch since the web design supports top weekly viewed videos.

If you are worried about the ease of usability, the navigation menu bar is a great help for your target audience. It can easily guide them to the important webpages of your site. Without the menu bar, users would have a hard time navigating your site. It might cause them to leave, and we all know that it can affect web traffic.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about the device your targeted audience will use. The layout has a responsive web design that completely adapts with the screen size of the device making the content viewable.

What is the suitable blog for Vtube?

It is impressive to have Vtube template for your video blog. It is quite suitable for a blog that communicates and engages to its audience through videos. As you can see, the Vtube template has a trendy layout and built-in options that can help you create your online identity.

The overall features of this XML blogger template perfectly suit those blog sites that are intended for professional and personal video blogs.

More Ad Space with Vtube!

When the contents are worth the read, it is expected that your website will garner good traffic. Good traffic means good income. However, these featured articles are not the only source of income for your blog.

You can have ads that would give you more revenue. Vtube template provides more ad space for you to place and sell direct ads on your blog. Compelling video blogs and ample ad space in your template is a good combination to establish good traffic.

Download Vtube — a FREE XML Blogger Template.

Vtube is the perfect blogger template for video contents. You may wish to try the template by selecting the demo button after this article. Click and start optimizing your video blog with Vtube template.

Make captivating videos to succeed in your video blog adventures. There is nothing more enticing than the captivating content and layout to your targeted audience.

Do you like your experience with the Vtube template? Share it with us in the comment section. If there are customization tools that need to be improved, tell us your feedback in the comment section. If you have a friend who’s fond of making video contents for there blog, share this XML blogger template to them. It might help them succeed!



- rasel

Vtube template

I want to ask how to click the image to view the video, besides clicking on the title link
- longkeng

vTube Template

No responsive.
- Andres
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