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Anyone who desires to live a long and quality life, for certain, embraces a healthy lifestyle.  Hitting the gym, eating a balanced diet and having a good sleep regimen are just some of the many “rituals” that a health buff does.  Another thing that a health buff can do is to share to the world his journey through a health blog.  If you are this blogger, then this Health Club Extreme XML blogger template is the one for you.

What is the Navigation Layout of Health Club Extreme?

It is important to be aware about the benefits of navigation layout in blogs. The easier it is for the readers to navigate, the more chances for you to catch and retain their attention.


  • Navigation Menu Bar
  • Responsive Design
  • Ample Ad Space
  • Search Tab
  • Related Post Tab



There is a navigation menu bar located at the top of the site that highlights the important web pages in your blog  making them easily accessible to your readers.  A search tab is also available when they want to be led directly to blog posts or articles containing a specific word or topic that they want to read about.

On the right side of the blog is a related post tab that features your other contents in an effort to keep your readers interested.  No need to worry about your blog’s layout when displayed in different devices.  The responsive web design of the template adapts to any screen size.

What is the suitable blog for Health Club Extreme?

Health Club Extreme perfectly suits health and wellness blogs. One can clearly share information on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Blogs with contents about healthy diets, different exercise activities from the simple to the extreme, wellness tips and trips – these can really make good use of this template.

Health Club Extreme Ad Space!

The web design comes with ad spaces that a health blogger like you can use and of course, monetize.  You can use these to promote your latest products like food, food supplements, vitamins, health gears, running shoes, gym gears; or services like gym coaching, diet counselling, yoga training and everything else about keeping a healthy lifestyle.  

These ad spaces are strategically placed all over the website that cannot escape your readers’ eyes.  You just have to ensure that the ads you place relates to the contents you post.  

Download this FREE XML Blogger Template!

If you want to get the feel of this template first, you can go ahead and click the demo button.  Navigate around it and do tell us about your experience.  We would love to hear your thoughts so you can leave your feedback in the comment section below.

There is no such thing as free lunch, they say, but Health Club Extreme is your free lunch!  Yours for the taking and we promise, no diet shall be ruined here.  Share to everyone your health and wellness journey.  Get your readers hooked to your story and make them take a journey too to your blog.  Download it now!


Health Club Extreme
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