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Hey there, are you an aspiring food blogger? Do you like to write about your gastronomic experience and share this to the world?  To do that, you have to create a blog.  For starters, you need a good blogger template to work on.  That is exactly what is being served to you here – the Healthy Food XML blogger template.

The navigation layout of Healthy Food makes your food blog a delicious delight to foodies and non-foodies alike.

What is the Navigation Layout of Healthy Food?

This blogger template has crisp features that highlight your different food pages making your readers hungry for more.

  • Responsive design
  • Social Bookmarking Icons
  • Search tabs
  • Related Posts Support
  • Ample space ad
  • 2 columns
  • Right sidebar

Having a responsive design allows your web layout to adapt to the screen size changes when viewed from a different device. When you view your website in a smaller screen, the contents will be presented in a single column with its texts reduced to a size that can still be clearly read.

The right sidebar of this template will certainly help you create the best user experience for your readers. Use this sidebar for widgets, search bar, and related posts support.  The key here is to give your readers all the flavors they want to keep them coming back and staying long.

With the navigation layout of Healthy Food, you can really say that this food blogger template will invite your readers’ eyes to a food feast!

What is a suitable industry for Healthy Food?

This template best suits gastronomes and epicurious bloggers who can write just about anything on food – from recipes, to restaurant reviews, dining manners, food culture, among many others.  Also, this will be a great platform for those who have a good palate for food photos!

This blogger template may not be suitable for…

As this template uses traditional layouts, it may not be advisable for business industries to use.  They need to showcase their products and services with several texts and images.  E-commerce, for example, would need different widgets, side bars and other complex features to support the marketing campaign in their blog.

Its advertising space…

The blog contents, if of really good quality, can get readers’ attention and lead web traffic to your site.  You can take advantage of this traffic and link it to other companies through ads that you can post in the blog.  This template allows you to do just that as it provides you ad spaces.  Huge traffic plus more ad spaces could mean more cash rolling in.

Healthy Food has ad hotspots that are strategically placed all over the web page.  Surely, the ads especially if directly related to your posts can make your readers crave for more.

Download this FREE XML Blogger Template!

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Healthy Food

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Healthy Food
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