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Do you own a hotel resort but still struggles with the online presence? Hotel Designz is a compelling free XML blogger template for your hotel website. It will surely bring important growth to your business.

The Hotelz Design template offers sophisticated yet straightforward features that would give your targeted audience an outstanding online experience. You would surely have returning clients and new clients that would help your accommodation business grow.

What is the Navigation Layout of Hotelz Design?

This template is FREE and what has been most bloggers are looking for. It perfectly serves hotel websites of beginner and pro bloggers. The Hotelz Design template has responsive web design and packed with features that will surely build your web space.


  • Social Bookmarking Icons
  • “Reserve My Room” Button
  • Navigation Menu Bar
  • Featured Image of Rooms
  • Popular Post Support
  • 1 Column Grid
  • Responsive Web Design



A social bookmarking icon is located at the right top most part of the screen for your targeted audience to follow for some queries. There is a “reserve my room” button for your customers to utilize when they want to rent a room in your hotel or resort.

When you open the website, featured images of your rooms and villa can be showcased to entice your targeted audience. Furthermore, you do not have to worry if your customers are using phones or computers because it has a responsive web design that adapts to the device’s screen.

What is the suitable blog for Hotelz Design template?

It is quite suitable for accommodation blogs. If you own a hotel, condominium, a pad or a room for rent, then Hotelz Design template is the right one for you. The template supports feature that helps you sort out online bookings and accommodations.

You will expect that your business will be organized, even when there are moments that you are away. Be confident with whatever accommodations that you offer—motels, hotels, resorts, villas, hostels, and bed and breakfasts.

Advertising Space in Hotelz Design template!

Running ad campaigns on your website is an effective idea to increase awareness of your business and affiliated businesses. Affiliate marketing can be the easiest yet fastest way to earn extra money.

You can also directly sell some of your space ads to help other businesses promote their product and service. Advertise those brands, products or services that are related to your content.

Download the FREE XML Blogger Template now!

We know that there is a list of highly anticipated and customized templates for hotel websites. But, the Hotelz Design layout is FREE to use and gives you the chance to create large web traffic.

If you wish to try the Hotelz Design template on your blog, feel free to click the Demo button below. Give us some feedback for us to know what should be improved of the template. Other than that, share it with your friends who need a FREE yet promising template for their hotel website.



thank you for this free theme
- toiba

nice post!!

- viveksingh

a big thanks

I thank all those who have done this good work I wish you more success and success our greatest thanks to you
- zoma laive
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