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What is the navigation layout of Blue Design 2.0?

If you do not know, the blogger templates you utilize for your website helps you a lot in organizing your contents and having a great return of investment. Keep your targeted audience scrolling through your webpage with these features:

  • Featured Image
  • Popular Post
  • Subscription Tab
  • Ad Space
  • Article with Excerpt
  • Responsive Web Design

The posted articles are easy to locate because of the popular post. Moreover, the articles are listed with an excerpt shown.

Furthermore, you do not have to worry if your customers are using phones or computers because it has a responsive web design that adapts to the device’s screen.

Ad Spaces in Blue Design 2.0

Running ad campaigns on your website is an effective idea to increase awareness of your business and affiliated businesses. Affiliate marketing can be the easiest yet fastest way to earn extra money.


You can also directly sell some of your space ads to help other businesses promote their product and service. Advertise those brands, products or services that are related to your content.

Download Blue Design 2.0, it’s for FREE!

For those who want to share their thoughts and opinions through the web, it is a must to download this FREE XML blogger layout. When you use this template for your blog, it is already given that you will have an increase in web traffic.

Do you want to try the Blue Design 2.0 layout? Click the Demo button below. If you have already tried the template, we would love to hear something from you. Leave your feedback in the comment section below. Furthermore, if you have a friend or colleague who loves to share their thoughts in just a single line, share this XML blogger layout to them.


This is the way I want to say thank you.

Thank you Mike. I successfully downloaded and uploaded this blogger theme to my blog. Thanks a million. In short let me go right away to share your Facebook page to show appreciation.
- Onyebuchi Isu
Blue Design 2.0
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