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There are so many places, culture, people to discover, to know, to enjoy and experience. It is a wonderful experience to be able to roam around the world. But it is also a great opportunity to share it.

What is the Navigation Layout of Awes Template?

  • Social Bookmark Icons
  • Recent Posts
  • Categories
  • Blog Archives
  • Articles with Excerpt
  • Responsive Web Design

A social bookmarking icon is located at the right side of the screen for your targeted audience to follow for some queries. There is a “reserve my room” button for your target audience to follow and keep them updated with your blog.

The posted articles are easy to locate because of the recent post, categories, blog archive tabs. Moreover, the articles are listed with an excerpt shown.

Furthermore, you do not have to worry if your customers are using phones or computers because it has a responsive web design that adapts to the device’s screen.

Awes XML Blogger Template is suitable for…

This blogger template is suitable for those who are fond of going to adventures. It gives bloggers the chance to share their experience during their trip.

Several Ad Spaces Available in this template!

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You can also directly sell some of your space ads to help other businesses promote their product and service. Advertise those brands, products or services that are related to your content.

Download Awes XML Blogger Template– it’s FREE!

The Awes XML Blogger Template is FREE to use. You can freely enjoy customizing the template of your blog. You do not only create an impressive blog, but you are also creating greater web traffic.

If you want to have a glimpse of Awes template, you can try it by clicking the Demo button below. Give us some feedback for us to know what we have to improve. Moreover, share this template with your friends who are fond of going on adventures. This is truly a promising template.



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