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Apple has been on top of the devices. If you are an avid fan of Apple products, the Apple Dark XML blogger template is the best template for you.

Moreover, this template does not only limit to Apple products but any product you are to campaign for online presence.

What is the Navigation Layout of Apple Dark template?

  • Navigation Menu Bar
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Social Bookmarking Icons
  • Videos Tab
  • Popular Posts Tab
  • Article Excerpt

The web design of Apple Dark is responsive to any device’s screen. You do not have to worry about it. Moreover, the navigation menu bar can be a landmark of your audience on where to locate the important web pages.

Its article excerpt, video tab, and popular posts will keep the audience intrigued about the Apple products or any product you are introducing.

Moreover, your targeted audience can follow your social media channels through the social bookmarking icons tagged on the website.

Blogs that are Suitable for Apple Dark XML Blogger Template

The Apple Dark template is suitable for product review blogs. It displays the article title and the excerpt of the product review. Moreover, you can have video reviews or video demonstration of the brands or products for review.

The template is not suitable for…

The Apple Dark template is not suitable for business blogs. Its layout is not suitable for those bloggers who are trying to sell products. It does not support a grid that clearly shows the products.

However, its grid clearly shows the articles and an excerpt of the content making it compatible for blog reviews.

Apple Dark has Ad Spaces

There are a lot of people who are curious about the specs, functionality, tips, and tricks in using an Apple device. Hence, make use of the ad spaces that are strategically placed throughout the website.

Make sure to place campaign ads of businesses that are related to your niche. It can spark curiosity in your targeted audience.

Download the FREE XML Blogger Template Apple Dark

If you really love showing the world how amazing Apple products are, and you are fond of making product reviews, then Apple Dark is the best XML blogger template for you. You can try a demo for the template.

Tell us something about Apple Dark template in the comment section. You can share this FREE XML blogger template with your friends and colleagues who love to share their knowledge and opinion about devices.


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Apple Dark
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