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This generation is really into games, computer, and technology. We have witnessed a lot of hardcore gamers talking about their computer specifications, how cool their computer performance is, and its setup.

Moreover, hardcore gamers are fond of showing their hacks, tips, and tricks to improve one’s gameplay performance. If you are a hardcore gamer who is fond of sharing their knowledge about a game, this Controller XML Blogger template has the right navigation layout for you.

What is the Navigation Layout of Controller?

  • Navigation Menu Bar
  • Subscription Tab
  • Search Bar
  • Article with Excerpt
  • Popular Posts
  • Categories
  • Space Ads

The navigation menu bar really helps the target audience. It makes them move freely through the web pages without getting lost. It greatly helps them stay on the web as it promotes great user experience.

Your target audience can easily read your contents through the popular posts, categories, and the excerpts are shown. Moreover, there is a search bar where one can look for articles they are interested in.

Lastly, there is a subscription tab available for the readers to follow. It helps a lot in sharing the content and notifying subscribed users for new contents.

What blogs are suitable for Controller Template?

Controller template is perfectly suitable for contents that informs and shares opinions, tips, and tricks of a game. Hardcore gamers are highly recommended to download this template for their website.

It does not only give the bloggers the leverage to have an outstanding website layout to organize their contents. Other than that, it is assured that the Controller template can help boost the website’s traffic.

Space Ads Available with Controller XML Blogger Template

Campaign ads are critically important to those who are into content creation. The Controller template has several space ads available for you to utilize. You can sell it directly or have an ad for your affiliated market.

We suggest that you place an ad that is related to your contents, in that way your target audience will be intrigued by the campaigned products or services.

Download the FREE XML Blogger Template now!

Help the beginners to improve with their gameplay performance. You will surely have great content and web traffic with the Controller XML Blogger template.

If you want to try the template for a while, you can click the demo button below and have a glimpse of the layout. If you wish to install it, you can download it for FREE.

Share to us your experience in the comment section below. Tell your co-hardcore gamers about this blogger template.


Controller Theme
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