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It really takes a lot of motivation, dedication, and perseverance to make money. Are you a financial blogger? Spruce up your theme image by showing cash money. After all, it is what has been giving motivation for the world to go around these days.

Elevate your investment with this FREE XML Blogger templateEmblem Money.

Navigation Layout of Emblem Money Blogger template

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Ad Spaces
  • Navigation Menu Bar
  • Popular Posts
  • Article Excerpt

The mentioned features provide an organized layout for your contents. Your targeted users can either use their computer or mobile phones as its web design responsively adapts to the screen of the device

It has a navigation menu bar that helps the user easily look for the important webpages. Moreover, important and popular posts are pinned in the Popular Posts tab. Users can also read the summary of the article through the displayed article excerpt.

Suitable Blog for the Emblem Money Layout

This blogger template is best suitable for text blogs like financial blogs. Blogs that only use pictures and texts are perfect for this template. It shows the title of the article and an excerpt of its content.

Moreover, your targeted audience will notice the popular posts in your blog as it supports a tab for it.

It may not be suitable with…

This XML blogger template may not be suitable with business and music industry blogs. Since its navigation layout only shows the popular post and the article and its excerpt. It would be hard to tailor the needs of your blog when it is the only features and functions of the layout.

However, it is assured that with financial advice, life tips, or text blogs, this template would be best.

Ad Spaces Available in Emblem Money Blogger Template

Advertisements are a great help to boost your web traffic and earn some cold cash. Ad spaces are strategically placed all over the web page for other related brands, products, services, or company to use.

Make your financial articles worth the read and allow campaign ads from businesses that are related to your contents. It would surely spark the curiosity of your targeted audience.

Download the FREE XML Blogger Template now!

Rise your blog and raise your cash in no time with Emblem Money XML blogger template. We all know that all bloggers want to use the best template to share their advice, thoughts, and tips in finances.

Moreover, how bloggers value their content should also value the template they use. When you utilize Emblem Money for your finance blog, you would surely give an easy user experience and boost the web traffic of your site.

If you wish to try the Blogger template, click the demo button. If you think it is really best for your blog, then download it. Do not worry, it is FREE!

Give us your feedback with Emblem Money XML Blogger template in the comment section below. If you have friends who are looking for a template for their blog, you may suggest this template to them.


Emblem Money
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