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From generation to generation, fashion has been evolving. It is quite fascinating to have new styles of fashion. Yet, its trend has been going back and forth as it looks glamorous. The modern-day looks and old era are sometimes collaborated to get a new style.

Share us with how you carry your look and style through the Blue Pearl template. It is a FREE XML Blogger template that you can use with your blog.

Navigation Layout of Blue Pearl

The layout of the Blue Pearl XML Blogger template can really help raise the web traffic of your blog. It has the following features:

  • Featured Image
  • Navigation Menu Bar
  • Popular Posts
  • Blog Archive Tab
  • Article with Excerpt
  • Search Tab

Featured images are displayed in the homepage title and important pages of your website. A navigation menu bar is placed at the top of your web page to let your targeted audience easily navigate throughout the important sections of your blog.

Moreover, they would be guided with the articles they will read because the template supports popular posts and blog archive tab. It also displays the article and its excerpt. If they are looking for a specific article, they can use the search tab for easier searchability.

What are the suitable blogs for Blue Pearl template?

Blue Pearl is best suitable for blog reviews, where only text and featured images are mainly used. You do not have to worry with your articles as it listed on the homepage with its excerpt.

Keep your content worth the read to make your target audience stay longer on your website.

It is not suitable for…

The Blue Pearl XML Blogger Template is not quite suitable for blogs that contains video reviews, blogging lifestyle, and online business. It does not support video tabs and only has one grid. Your video contents will be neglected with this kind of template.

Ad Spaces in Blue Pearl template

Campaign ads are important for blogs. It can help you gain additional money for your blog, as well as boost the web traffic of your blog. Ad spaces are well placed throughout the website.

You can appoint companies that are related to your fashion blog. It is also better to promote your affiliated markets.

Download the FREE XML Blogger Template!

Make your fashion style trend as well as your blog with the Blue Pearl blogger template. It is the most suitable template for your fashion blog. The layout of your contents is highly valued by giving your target audience an easy user experience.

You can have a demo of the template before downloading it for your blog. Just click the button below.

Give us your feedback with Blue Pearl XML Blogger template in the comment section below. If you have friends who are looking for a template for their blog, you may suggest this template to them.


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