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Today, Twitter has been a mode of telling the world about your feelings, thoughts, and opinions about what’s been happening around the globe. Who does not love Twitter? When it gives you the freedom to express things.

Are you a blogger who loves to express your thoughts? Feel free to use this XML blogger template to give your contents to life.

Navigational Layout of Tweet a Line Template

If you do not know, the blogger templates you utilize for your website helps you a lot in organizing your contents and having a great return of investment. Keep your targeted audience scrolling through your webpage with these features:

  • Navigation Menu Bar
  • Social Bookmark Icon
  • Hot Topic (Related Posts)
  • One Grid
  • Search Bar
  • Responsive Web Design

The navigation menu bar is located at the topmost left of the webpage. It actually helps the audience navigate through the important pages of your site. Moreover, it offers related posts to lead your targeted audience through interesting contents to read.

The social bookmark makes your audience follow important social media accounts related to your blog. Moreover, there is a search bar that can help those users who are looking for a certain article.

What is more amazing with this template is, the screen size of the device that your audience is using does not matter. The responsive design adapts to the screen of the user’s device.

Is there an available Ad Space?

Yes! This FREE XML blogger layout has ad spaces for your blog. You can place campaign ads of other businesses related to your blog niche. The spaces for ads are strategically placed through the page.

If you do not know, ad spaces can help you generate more web traffic. Other than that, it can be another source of ROI.

Make a catchy content that would make your targeted audience stay around your website. The ads would be intriguing for your readers.

Download the Tweet a Line!

Both of your contents and web traffic are given value with this template.

For those who want to share their thoughts and opinions through the web, it is a must to download this FREE XML blogger layout. When you use this template for your blog, it is already given that you will have an increase in web traffic.

Do you want to try the Tweet a Line layout? Click the Demo button below. If you have already tried the template, we would love to hear something from you. Leave your feedback in the comment section below. Furthermore, if you have a friend or colleague who loves to share their thoughts in just a single line, share this XML blogger layout to them.


Good template

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Tweet a Line
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