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Spa centers give us the time and comfort to be relaxed and get pampered after a week’s stress. If you are an owner of a new startup spa center or building up an online presence for their spa business, you have found the right template This is a FREE XML Blogger Template that will serve you the looks and functionality for your blog.

Navigational Layout of My Spa Blogger Template

Layouts are important to have your contents displayed in order. You should remember that navigational layouts can possibly affect the performance of your website. It can actually tell whether your targeted audience can stay through your blog, or would it make them leave easily.

  • Navigation Menu Bar
  • Featured Image
  • Search Bar
  • Popular Sports
  • Space for Ads

The potential customers of your spa center will find your website easy to navigate. They can easily access important web pages through the navigation menu bar located at the top of the site. Moreover, if they are looking for an article, they can use the search bar.

Lastly, as an owner of the blog, you should not be worried about what device your customers are using. The web has a responsive design that adapts any screen size of a device.

The Suitable Industry for My Spa Template

My Spa layout is suitable for spa center blogs. If you are still starting up with your spa, or you still lack online presence for your spa center, then it is best to have this template for your blog.

The template has a navigation layout that helps your target audience have an idea of the services you offer by giving you an accessible website. Thus, even if you are away, your potential customers can still have the idea and knowledge of your services and how spa treatments are beneficial to their health.

My Spa has space for Ads!

You intendedly made a blog for your business, but don’t you know you can also earn additional money through your blogs? Your informative contents can boost traffic, but what make’s it more promising is the space ads in your web design.

Space ads can accommodate other businesses promoting their products and services. You can directly sell space for them to advertise. If you have an affiliated market, you can also place an ad campaign for them to boost your traffic and their web traffic.

Download My Spa template!

It is one of the FREE XML blogger templates that are highly costumed and anticipated by owners of spa centers. The My Spa template will not cost you a dime, but it will surely return more than a dime as it gives you the chance to have large web traffic.

If you wish to take a glimpse of how the template looks like with your blog, you can try it by clicking the demo button below. Share with us your experience with My Spa template in the comment section. Moreover, if you also have friends who are putting up spa centers, share this FREE XML blogger template to them.


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