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    Product NamePlastic Garment Bag On Roll
    Place Of OriginLiaoning, China
    1) Easy opening,
    2) Good Water proof,
    3) Puncture resistance,
    4) Disposable & Recyclable,
    5) Competitive factory price,
    6) Experienced Professional manufacturer over 10 years,
    7) Good security, Certificated by ISO9001:2008, FDA, QS (Quality Safe).
    Sensory identification: Soft touch: white transparent, but transparent, combustion identification: burning flame on the yellow blue, smoke-free, the smell of paraffin wax, melting drip, easy to wire drawing. More than half of the low density polyethylene produced by blow-molded film, the film has a good transparency and a certain tensile strength, widely used in a variety of food, clothing, medicine, fertilizers, industrial packaging materials and agricultural film. The extrusion process can also be used to process a composite film for packaging heavy weights.
    Since 1975, high-density polyethylene film has also been developed, it has high strength, low temperature, moisture, and good printability and machinability. The largest use of linear low-density polyethylene is also made of film, its strength, toughness is better than low-density polyethylene, puncture resistance and rigidity is also good, transparency is poor, still slightly better than high-density polyethylene. In addition, the paper, aluminum foil or other plastic film extrusion coated polyethylene coating, made of polymer composite materials.
    We have a production process for Plastic Garment Bag On Roll.
    Transfer the pattern and logo on the transfer film through the heat transfer machine to the surface of the product, thus will be formed after the oil film layer and be transferred to the surface of the products are fused together, not only good adhesion, and wear resistance is very good, but also to improve the grade of products has an important role, thermal transfer technology features have the following aspects:
    ① Thermal Transfer technology process is less, equipment simple, high production efficiency, and low cost, the value of products is relatively high.
    ② Thermal Transfer technology has no environmental pollution, green environmental printing technology, and in line with international non-toxic standards.
    ③ production of products not only bright colors, high gloss, strong adhesion, but also corrosion resistance, alcohol resistance, anti-aging, impact resistance and wear resistance is better.Plastic Garment Bag