Top Career Networking and E-Learning Websites

Looking for a good networking site for you career like LinkedIn?  Here are a few new sites out there that can really help get your career going or enhance your skills.
Networking and Career E-Learning for the Science  Community.

e-learning-screenshotThis site offers Learning Resources , creative solutions, research material, typical industry equations, and a dictionary by industry.   E-Learning is based on contributions made by consultants and the lingo the consultant uses in their profession. This is helpful in bridging the gap among industries and divisions. As our size grows, we will offer training videos based on the combined experience of consultant contribution. Additionally, we will be offering English courses for individuals who may want to learn or improve their English skills.


If you’re looking for a place to sharpen your skills, is an incredible E-Learning Site that will help get you that next job. Choose from a variety of courses, its the perfect way to casually learn from home.


Are you an upcoming Filmmaker and Actor or screenwriter? It can be tough living outside of Hollywood and finding a good way to network. Not only can you meet people passionate about film but this allows you a way to have actual one on one interaction with people in the industry.

Meet Ups is a great way to go out and not only chat online but meet and greet. Ranging from professional hangouts, seminars and just casual friendships, meetups is a great way to network.


Are you looking for talent or local service professional? Bark is a quick and easy way to find someone close by.